At Wella we believe in the beauty of everyday commitment – the little things that, over time, can have a big impact – both in the salon and outside. For this reason, we launched, Wella’s sustainability program to partner with those who inspire us every day – all of you – and, together, challenge the way we think about our impact on the planet.



Wells, UK

Our team is very passionate about the environment, and we’ve found that our customers really appreciate our efforts as well."

How long have you been associated with your salon?

Frontlinestyle is a family business – my father started the salon over 60 years ago, and I’ve been part of the team for the past 30 years. While I’m not a stylist, I now own the salon and run it from a business perspective, and I’m very passionate about the craft of hairstyling.

What inspired you to be sustainable? What led you to become a green stylist?

Many of our green practices are so second nature now that we forget what inspired us to get to this point. Ultimately, it is important to us to be and to be seen as a caring company. I think that’s also important to our customers. Moreover, sustainability is the way of the future, and it’s key for us as a business to set trends and stay ahead of the curve. Our team is very passionate about the environment, and we’ve found that our customers really appreciate our efforts as well.

What sustainable practices do you employ in your salon? Do you think they could be easily replicated by other salons?

We recycle all of our waste, and we sort the used foil from color treatments. We take the used foils, and we wash them so that we can recycle them. We also make sure to cut various sizes of foil so we don’t waste any when processing shorter hair.
We use LED lighting, and we have our heating system on a timer so it doesn’t run when it isn’t necessary.
We use biodegradable towels to dry hair so we can throw them out after we use them. This saves a lot of water since we aren’t constantly washing towels
We have a velux window in the area where we wash hair. This saves us on lighting costs in that area as well as heating costs.
Our stylists stick strictly to the guidelines provided by Wella to ensure no product is wasted when mixing and applying colour.

The perfumery in the salon has candles that are chemical-free. The candles help create a lovely ambiance in the salon, but it was important to us to make sure they were “pure” candles so that even our customers with sensitivity can enjoy the effect. Our clients always inquire about this and are happy to hear we use chemical-free candles.

Do you have any further sustainability plans for the future?

We are always looking at ways to cut down on our waste; for instance, we’re looking at using foils for color processes that can be reused. Additionally, we would love to refit the office for all LED lighting at some point in the future.

What role do you think hairdressing can play in making the world a better place?

The hairdressing industry could play a large role in making the world a better place. Think about all the packaging we use – from color tubes to product description leaflets – so cutting that all down or recycling all of that would be substantial. Additionally, if we could find a way to avoid any kind of water pollution with the chemicals we use that would be a huge step. I also think about processes, such as perms, which are a potential hazard, and perhaps there are ways to make that more sustainable.

Why are you excited that Wella is launching a sustainability program?

The Wella sustainability program shows that Wella is a company that cares. Our clients are definitely thinking about sustainability; they’re conscious of the environment and always read articles in the press about it. I would love if Wella launched some eco-friendly products; it would help tremendously with our ability to attract more these consciously-minded clients.

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